Chatham Colors Favorite Places

 Chatham Colors Favorite Places, is newly available!  It contains 20 ink drawings of favorite landmarks and places in Chatham - some are historic and no longer exists. 

The drawings are by Marie Williams of WATERMARK and they are being printed and bound at WATERMARK. 

The books sell for $12.00 (plus tax) and can be ordered here, or by emailing or calling WATERMARK.
Phone: 508-945-4444
Payment can be made with cash (remember that?), check, or via paypal:

Chatham Colors Favorite Places - $12 ea

If you are in or near Chatham, “curb service” delivery of your books is an option from the parking lot at 6J Munson Meeting Way in Chatham. Just call Marie at 508-945-4444 to arrange a convenient pick-up day and time. 

Images of colored pages can be uploaded to this website on our GALLERY page.  Please send pictures of your colored pages if you would like to see them posted here. Include the artist’s name and age [if appropriate]. Or we are happy to post them anonymously.